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Expansion Frequently Asked Questions

Join Iota Sigma Beta Sorority

Iota Sigma Beta Expansion Process

How to Start an Iota Sigma Beta Chapter

Each year Iota Sigma Beta receives numerous invitations to expand, our goal is to examine each invitation thoroughly and select those opportunities that complement our high standards.

We ask that all interested individuals contact our Director of Expansion at expansion@iotasigmabeta.org. Interested candidates will be provided an expansion packet. Once the expansion packet is completed and submitted, Iota Sigma Beta will research the opportunity. There are many factors that influence the decision making process, some of which include: campus location and academic reputation, student population and enrollment statistics, existing sorority membership and recruitment statistics, local alumnae interest and support, and existing extension commitments. Iota Sigma Beta's expansion council compiles all of the available information and presents this to the national board. The national board makes the final decision as to whether to pursue the expansion opportunity.

We thank you for your interest, Iota Sigma Beta looks forward to hearing from you!

For any further questions or concerns, please contact our Director of Expansion at expansion@iotasigmabeta.org