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Iota Sigma Beta History

Iota Sigma Beta Sorority began as a vision of Founding Mother, Nicole Lee, Intrigue, of Iota Sigma Beta Sorority in September of 2001 at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. It was her mission to fulfill her vision of founding a sorority based upon the merits of leadership and unceasing personal development. It was her intent to develop and stand with women who would epitomize the perfect fusion of intelligence, strength, and beauty.

In order to build a strong foundation for the sorority, she sought to find strong and capable women who would help to place the building blocks for the future success of the sorority. These women were Huey Chan, Diana Chow, Linda Fu, Kay Kim, Jennifer Louie, and Serena Yip. These women would later assume the following nicknames: Wicked, Ice, Precious, Aura, Thunder, and Faith, respectively. Together, they would create the seven founding mothers.

As the visionary of Iota Sigma Beta Sorority, Nicole Lee, Intrigue sought out to teach and instill the principles that would create the ultimate Iota Sister. With Intrigue as the pledge mother, and the other 6 ladies as the first unofficial class of Iota Sigma Beta Sorority, the founders underwent a vigorous and demanding process that would help them to understand the basis upon which Iota Sigma Beta was to be built, the principles that it would stand by (sisterhood, unity, pride, character, leadership, scholarship, and service), and the individual that Iota Sigma Beta stands to mold. The process helped the women to develop the skills necessary to create a corporation in principle, and a sisterhood in heart. The seven women officially founded Iota Sigma Beta Sorority on December 29, 2001. It is upon successful completion of this same process that new sisters, today, are rewarded entry into this elite sorority.